FHE: This is the Right Place

FHE Lesson: This is the Right Place   Principle: Covenants

Prepare your children for celebrating Pioneer Day (July 24th) by teaching them about the covenants the pioneers made and how keeping these same covenants today will help us to be “Pure in Heart.”

“Like the early pioneers, when we receive the covenants and ordinances of the gospel, we too begin a journey toward Zion—for Zion is not only a place, it is also a Christ-like purity of heart (see Doctrine & Covenants 97:21).” James E. Faust

Video Clip: The Modern Prophets Brigham Young chapter 22

“He had seen the valley before in a vision”

In this faith promoting video clip from The Modern Prophets BRIGHAM YOUNG DVD, President Young, leads the Lord’s covenant people to the Salt Lake Valley to establish Zion.

Activity: A Covenant Wagon

The pioneers made a covenant to help every Saint reach Zion!

This is the Right Place for your family to not only have fun making and loading this COVERED WAGON, but to help them gain a testimony of keeping covenants and becoming “pure in heart” like the early Saints.

Treat Recipe: Dutch Oven Vinegar Taffy

Buttered hands, twist and pull to make this yummy Pioneer treat!

DUTCH OVEN VINEGAR TAFFY was a special sweet treat for the pioneers and it will be for your family, too. It takes only a few basic ingredients, it is fun to make and a small piece can last a long time!

Bonus: Children’s Paper “Pioneer Hats & Bonnets” Craft

Celebrate Pioneer Day in Pioneer Style!

Make fun and easy PAPER PIONEER HATS AND BONNETS for your children to wear to the Pioneer Day Parade or just for playing dress up in!

* These cute hats are really made of paper, but the pattern can also be used to make fabric or felt hats that will last for years!


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